“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Stone and his team. His knowledge on animals is amazing. They have on-call emergency hours too and we’ve been going to them for years. They gave my my dogs and cats the best care possible every time we went!”  -Xiao O., Facebook

“Never met a vet like him his knowledge on animals is fantastic he is great with them I went to him on a emergency my little dog had surgery (by another vet no comment) and her stitches broke and was bleeding he took me in the middle of the night got the problem taken care of I am lucky I found him he is now my vet Thank You Dr Stone for your caring and knowledge.”  -Ann K., Facebook

“My little Yorkie was injured before hours on a Saturday morning. Dr. Stone gladly came in and took care of her. He was very kind and caring. We were able to pick her up later in the day. So thankful for Dr. Stone! He did an amazing job caring for our sweet old girl! Thank you Doc Stone!!! You’re the best!!!”  -Janet H., Google

“Dr. Stone is the best Veterinarian I HAVE EVER MET! He has been taking great care of my furbabies for the past few years. No matter how big or small the situation is, he’s always was super compassionate, listened to me, and provided the best care for my pups. He is a very honest doctor and funny as well. I would recommend him to anyone who truly cares about how their animals are treated, as I have had my fair share vets over the years and he is absolutely the best!”  -Erika J., Google

“Dr. Stone took care of my dog who lived to be14 years old. He was very patient and caring. Four years ago he diagnosed her with Diabetes. He always took my calls when I wasn’t sure of how much Vetsulin to give because she wasn’t eating. He treated her for her Arthritis and kept her going when other Vets would have given up hope.. I can’t say enough about what a great Vet he is. HIS PRICES WERE more than fair.”
-Linda S., Google

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“Dr. Stone has been great for properly diagnosing and treating my family’s pups. Recently he had to treat my little pup for an injury. The price was fair, the treatment excellent. We appreciate him!”  -Sheri M., Google

“Dr Stone was very kind and drove 30 minutes at 10pm on a Sunday night to see our dog that was having an allergic reaction. He is very knowledgeable and was able to treat our dog for a great price!”  -Victoria H., Google

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Stone and his team. When Stella tore her ACL I felt hopeless. Not only was Dr. Stone knowledgeable and skilled he saved my wallet from AVS prices and gave my girl the best care possible. I drove from Orlando and it was worth the drive. THANK YOU Dr. Stone for giving my big girl her legs back.”  -Maggie L., Google

“Dr. Stone is a very good vet, always been good with my pup Shelby….never had problems…”  -Dione P., Google

“Our dog needed knee surgery and Dr. Stone took the time to explain everything about the surgery and answer all of our questions. He also discovered bladder stones on the x-rays and did both surgeries at the same time to save our dog from another surgery. After three days, he’s already starting to walk on it and he’s doing great. ”  -Corey A., Google